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  • Website Development:

  • Social Media Management: @Karla_Dorsey

  • Paid Digital Advertising

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Karla Dorsey is an award winning real estate advisor and team leader in greater Tampa Bay.

The Karla Dorsey Team has built strategic alliances both locally & internationally & has developed a reputation for providing world class service with a team that is proud to offer an unmatched level of professionalism. 


Karla and team have partnered with 24 East Media to help establish her brand in the marketplace, increase brand awareness and retain clients and leads through various digital campaigns and outreach. 


As a result of 24 East Media’s partnership, we were able to obtain 91 leads (name/number/email) in as little as 3 months through digital advertising, launch a brand new website with an integrated MLS system, and increase social media engagement on all of their social platforms. Now that Karla has joined the Compass brand, we are able to increase her service offering and ultimately her entire ROI with new tools for lead generation. 


“As a small business owner & successful realtor in Tampa I have had the good fortune to work with Amanda & her team at 24-East  Media. We have collaborated on “everything marketing”…from creating my personal brand to business card design, website development,  graphics & copy for online advertising, and  keeping my social media platforms fresh with new content & relevant blogs.  

Amanda has a “can-do” attitude & a passion for helping her clients transform their vision into reality. I highly recommend working with the team at 24-East Media!”


24 East Media takes pride in creating strong relationships with our clients and being hands-on in their day to day routine. Our ultimate goal is to take the stresses of brand awareness away from our clients so that they can close the deal while we provide the leads. 

Ready to get started? Contact us below or book a free consultation and let’s chat about your business goals.

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