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  • Paid Digital Advertising: Facebook & Instagram


Jessica is a family and event photographer. "I've been in love with photography since I was in college. What started as a class to check off the list turned to hobby turned to passion." ​

Jess works with various clients capturing a special day, creating a confidence, and showing off an individuals passion project.


As a result of 24 East Media’s partnership, we were able to obtain 19 qualified leads in as little as 1 week through digital advertising, while increasing brand awareness. Jessica hosted a contest for one special winner to receive 10% off their first shoot. The lead cost totaled $34.18 for 19 leads. Jessica was able to not only select a winner for her promotion, but she also booked the other entries on personal shoots as well, increasing her ROI. 


24 East Media takes pride in creating strong relationships with our clients and being hands-on in their day to day routine. Our ultimate goal is to take the stresses of brand awareness away from our clients so that they can close the deal while we provide the leads. 

Ready to get started? Contact us below or book a free consultation and let’s chat about your business goals.

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