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South Dale Mabry Self Storage, a leading storage facility located in a bustling urban area, faced the challenge of maximizing occupancy and attracting more customers in a highly competitive market. Seeking to leverage the power of digital marketing, they partnered with 24 East Media, a renowned marketing agency with a track record of driving exceptional results for businesses.


The primary objective of the partnership was to achieve a complete sell-out of South Dale Mabry Self Storage's facility, consisting of over 700+ units, through effective digital marketing strategies. The client aimed to boost lead generation, improve brand visibility, and enhance online user experience to drive conversions.


24 East Media devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to South Dale Mabry Self Storage's unique requirements. The key components included:

  1. Targeted Digital Advertising: The marketing agency conducted thorough market research to identify the most relevant target audience. They crafted compelling ad campaigns across various platforms, including Google Ads and social media channels, to reach potential customers actively searching for storage solutions in the area.

  2. Optimized Website and Booking System: Recognizing the importance of an intuitive online presence, 24 East Media designed and launched a brand new website for the client. The website featured user-friendly navigation, visually appealing content, and an integrated booking system that streamlined the reservation process.

  3. Revamped Social Media Strategy: To enhance brand awareness and engagement, the agency revamped South Dale Mabry Self Storage's social media platforms. They crafted a cohesive brand message, used eye-catching visuals, and employed strategic posting schedules to keep the audience engaged and informed about special offers and promotions.


The collaboration between South Dale Mabry Self Storage and 24 East Media proved to be a resounding success, yielding remarkable outcomes:

  1. Increased Leads and Conversions: The targeted digital advertising efforts attracted a significant number of high-quality leads. Thanks to the revamped website and smooth booking process, a large proportion of these leads converted into reservations, driving a notable increase in occupancy.

  2. Complete Facility Sell-Out: Leveraging the digital marketing strategies, the storage facility achieved a complete sell-out of all its 700+ units, surpassing initial occupancy expectations and establishing a prominent market position.

  3. Heightened Brand Visibility: The revamped social media strategy resulted in increased brand awareness and engagement. South Dale Mabry Self Storage experienced a surge in followers and received positive feedback from both existing and potential customers.


South Dale Mabry Location: "24 East Media is great. We have used them for 5 years at 2 different locations Tampa & Indiana. Our business has tripled since working with them. They helped us set up advertising quickly on the Internet to boost sales. Best way to explain 24 East Media is that they were a special find, big help, and great at what they do. We are now 100% occupied with over 700 units reserved since using them! You will see big results so give them a try."

South Bend Location: "We have been working with Amanda and 24 East Media for over a year and could not be happier. 24 East Media has grown our media presence threefold. As a result, we have had a tremendous increase in sales. 24 East is always creating a presence for our company on many social platforms and we have reaped the benefits of a successful business relationship between 24 East Media and South Bend Self Storage."


The partnership between South Dale Mabry Self Storage and 24 East Media demonstrated the transformative power of digital marketing in driving business success. By implementing targeted advertising, launching an optimized website, and improving social media engagement, the storage facility achieved its ultimate goal of selling out all available units. This case study exemplifies how strategic digital marketing efforts, executed with expertise and precision, can deliver outstanding results for businesses looking to thrive in competitive markets.


At 24 East Media, we take pride in fostering robust client relationships and actively participating in their daily operations. Our ultimate objective is to alleviate the burden of brand awareness from our clients, enabling them to focus on closing deals while we deliver high-quality leads.

Ready to get started? Contact us below or book a free consultation and let’s chat about your business goals.

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