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How to Write a Strong & Engaging CTA for Your Social Media Posts

Updated: Mar 15

Social media has become a key part to establishing your brand, its reputation and your portfolio. It is the number one lead generator in the world, and it is crucial you aren’t wasting your energy on creating irrelevant content. You want to ensure you are benefiting in the end.

The key to social media success? Calls to Action & Engagement. Here are some small businesses social media strategies you will definitely want to incorporate.

We have said it before with our tons of posts and blogs on the social media algorithm, but platforms get paid more when people are looking at your stuff. So… let’s give them good stuff to look at and make it worthwhile $$!

With social media marketing, you need to be clear of what you want your audience to do, to maximize the returns. It may be to comment on your post, signup for a free trial, download an eBook, read more, or anything else. The goal is on each post, you need it to prompt your readers and viewers to take an action on your site or platform, enhancing your conversion rate overall.

Here are a few samples of the most common CTA’s:

· Buy a product

· Grab a download

· Sign up for a newsletter

· Read the rest of an article

· Share a piece of content on social media

Does your CTA pass the “so what” test? Reader’s care what’s in it for them, so make sure to tell them.

When doing your copy curation, make sure to choose a tone that can inspire enthusiasm or emotion. Go beyond just stating what you or your business does and tell them exactly what it can do for them. Emphasize your unique selling point. Will your audience improve their career? Fix their love life? Get more leads? Let them know in the chat!

Here are some tips & tricks to the perfect CTA:

1. Use action words

2. Focus on value

3. Create anticipation

4. Make your CTA standout with a fun design

5. Test a few CTAs through A/B testing

Social media content does not have to be robotic and all factual information either, you are allowed to have some fun with it, as long as its providing something of value! Statistics even show, relatable content is what gets the most engagement and has greater chances of going viral. Are you the next overnight sensation? We think so!

Create content people want more of

Create content people wait for or share to their profiles, with friends or save for later. That is how you grow your following and even show up on the explore page. Followers babyyyy! The key though is to make sure you are choosing topics and content that relates to the audience you are trying to reach.

Determine how you will measure success for your post.

Visitors to your landing page? Newsletter sign-ups? Number of photographs submitted? There’s no wrong answer, but it’s a helpful question to have in mind as you’re composing your CTA.

Compliment the copy with engaging imagery.

Posts with photos receive more “Likes” on average than just a text post. Using high-quality photos that connect with your message make for a better overall post and user experience. Think about testing different photos and messages to see which ones your audience responds to. Make sure your photo is relevant to what you are writing and adding in branded elements or graphics create consistency in your brand experience.

Have questions on if you have perfected your CTAs & engagement rate or if they still need some work? We got your back! Message us and we will get back to you OR join our consulting program where we can guide you on all the steps you need to ensure social media growth.

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