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Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Lux-u-ry: the state of great comfort and extravagant living.

A luxury brand is built with products that are desired but not attainable to everyone. The key to being lux is having exclusivity. When it comes to marketing this type of brand, it means having an established presence, story, and being able to capture desire.

People often connect emotionally with a luxury brand by creating a goal to get a product at one point in their life. Your audience isn’t just purchasers, your audience is built on future purchasers as well. It is imperative to tell a story that connects to the aspirations of the next generation of product purchasers.

Luxury Brands are defined by:





There are 3 key marketing efforts you need to keep in mind when dealing with high-end brands.

1. Placements

You need to secure high-level placements and story telling environments that the majority of your audience gravitate to. That means not only are you being selective of where your brand is being seen, but you need to make sure your ads are in the best positions. Whether that means using home page takeovers, sequential placements in FEP, or running in the first 25% of book in print.

2. Positive Experiences

You need to create positive and memorable experiences with your audience. Whether it is digitally with a virtual try-on, or in person with a pop up event- you need to stand out with your brand identity at the core.

Take Bvlgari for example. They created a pop up installation in the Oculus at the World Trade Center. They captured their brand essence in each category of the pop up and centered their experience around a VR component sharing their story. It was open to everyone and created a fun branded experience that was talked about and put in the spotlight.

3. Content Matters

Take advantage of the social age and shareable nature. Photographs are the best way to inspire and connect with your viewer’s aspirations. Put time in to make quality content and you will see a difference. Your content goes hand in hand with creating your brand’s aesthetic and should be thought of as an arm of your brand.

Want to know how to elevate your brand and maintain your luxury status? Send us your Branding RFP and let's discuss creating a marketing strategy that will boost your lux image and target the right audience.

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