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Start & Grow Your E-Commerce Store in 2021

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

That business idea you had that you pushed aside until you had more time… yeah it’s time to make money moves.

We know the year 2020 was a complete mess and the pandemic took over our lives, freedom and plans. But guess what, it's a new year and we did learn a lot from 2020 - one key take away? We now live in a completely digital word. What does that mean for business owners? If you are not online, your time has come my friends.

Here is a list of why 2021 is the era of e-commerce and the benefits of bringing your store digital:

1. Lower running costs than offline business.

Obviously with an online business you don't have to pay for a brick & mortar store but think about it, no electric bills, no water bills no standing around waiting for people to walk in or paying employees to do the same. An online business opens the doors to more opportunities.

2. Operated from anywhere.

An online business doesn't mean you have to sit around in an office all day and wait for sales to come in. Guess what, it's time to take that trip to Mexico you’ve been wanting! Your business can now come with you!

3. Scale-ability.

Picking the right platform to build your website on is key because your online business will need to grow with you. The latest trends, functionality and messaging needs to be updated constantly if you want to maintain engagement with your customers and viewers.

4. No opening and closing time restrictions.

Ever dreamed of making money while you sleep? Your fairy god-mother is here to grant your wishes! Bring your store online means you don't have to open and close everyday, your business runs itself 24 hours a day so you can sit back and relax a bit.

5. Less time intensive.

Yes, you still have to put in work and mange your business but it is less time intensive than if you were running a physical location.

6. Better cashflow.

Cha Ching! With the right marketing strategy (which we can help you with by the way) you can target people that are most likely going to purchase your product or service. No more guessing games whether a person at your store is a buyer or a looker, through ad campaigns and nurture campaigns we got them there and they are ready to make moves.

7. Covid-free

Can’t get covid through the internet!… (at least not yet lol)

8. Reach new customers and have data insights for advertising.

Cue Hilary Duff “LONDON, PARIS MAYBEE TOKYO” because now that you are online, you can expand your target market from local to world-wide!

Ready to take your business online and check off all of these things on the list? Contact us today to get started today! There is no better time like the present.

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